• Store your gun collection with style and security!

    At Moscardelli Safe Sales, you have a variety of options when looking for gun safes to fit your needs. We offer many different sizes and styles capable of protecting your weapons as well as your other valuables. Moscardelli is the Springfield, IL area’s proud seller of Liberty Safes, America’s #1 producer of heavy-duty home safes. More than two million homeowners across the nation have purchased and relied on Liberty Safes for their protection needs. Liberty Safes offer more than 30 models of home safes and backs each one with their #1 rated lifetime guarantee. Additionally, our customers can also choose from a selection of Fort Knox Vaults. Fort Knox vaults offer consumers the option of a modular interior construction. This allows each individual to tailor their safe to meet their needs. They also offer the industry’s leading fire protection and provide a comprehensive lifetime warranty on their products. Visit our showroom and inspect each safe we offer to find the size, protection, and style that suits your home and your collection.

  • Liberty Safes

  • The Presidential Series
    The best of the best in the Liberty line, the Presidential series offers their “best in class” security features including:
    • The best fire protection on the market: 131,000 BTUs and more fireboard than any competitor with a 2.5 hour fire rating at 1200⁰ F
    • The new GX-480 MONSTER MECH increases security with anti-punch and gear drive mechanism to thwart any thief
    • A 1.5” thick composite door
    • A defensive barrier of up to twenty six 1.5” diameter locking bolts fortify the door
    • Ball bearing steel hardplate that can snap attacking drill bits
    • A convection dehumidifier to reduce moisture and protect valuables
    • Available in three sizes – 25, 40, and 50
    • 12 exterior color choices, 3 hardware finish options, and 2 interior, customizable schemes

  • The National Classic Select
    A classy look that is built to last! The National Classic Select includes:
    • A 90-minute fire rating with 4 layers of protection in the ceiling and door and 3 layers in the walls
    • 3/8” solid steel plate door • DX-90 gear drive mechanism to resist punching or drilling
    • Interlocking dead lock system fixes bolts in place during extreme attacks
    • A ball-bearing hardplate to shatter drill bits
    • Triple relockers prevent entry from punch, drill, and torch attacks
    • Premium accessory door panel to accommodate extra valuables, including quick access to handguns
    • A 12” dehumidifier for moisture control

  • The Lincoln Series
    The #1 rated safe in America includes:
    • Superior fire protection with a 90-minute fire rating at 1200⁰ F
    • DX-90 Monster Mech with patent pending over-center cam technology to prevent side punching
    • Ball-bearing hardplate protects the lock from drilling
    • Defensive barrier of up to sixteen 1.25” diameter locking bolts fortify the door
    • Factory installed Clearview interior lighting
    • Liberty’s premium door panel is upgraded with dual cool pockets and new accent trim
    • Liberty’s jewelry drawer added as a free upgrade

  • The Fatboy
    Security features abound with the #1 gun safe in America!
    • Holds up to 60 long guns
    • Advanced fire rating of 75 minutes at 1200⁰ F – 15 minutes longer than other competitive models
    • Thicker 11-gauge steel construction
    • DX-90 Monster Mech, the best over-center cam mechanism prevents side punching
    • Defensive barrier of fourteen 1.25” diameter locking bolts
    • Triple case hardened steel plates protect the lock from drill attack
    • Stylish gray marble gloss finish and an upholstered gray fabric interior which includes the double sportsman rack

  • The Fatboy Jr.
    Liberty Safe’s Fatboy Jr. is the toughest safe for the size and price. Its features include:
    • Jr’s fire rating is 60 minutes at 1200⁰ F
    • Thicker 11-gauge steel construction
    • Triple case hardened steel plates protect the lock
    • Defensive barrier of twelve total bolts on all four sides of the door
    • Cam-drive bold locking mechanism with slip clutch handle
    • Comes in a durable textured black finish with satin chrome hardware
    • Upholstered collector interior with our Double Sportsman Rack that can hold up to 48 long guns

  • The Colonial Series
    Great features make for a better value!
    • Certified for 60 minutes at 1200⁰ F
    • 11 gauge, 2-piece roll form body makes this the toughest safe of its size on the market
    • Triple case hardened steel plates protect the lock from a drill attack
    • A defensive barrier of up to 14 1” diameter bolts fortify the door
    • Cam-drive bolt locking mechanism with slip clutch Suretight 3-point handle thwarts break-in attempts
    • An economy door panel is now standard with the Colonial, offering more door storage options
    • Marble color options are available on the size 20 and 30 models – size 50 comes in a granite texture
    • The upholstered 3-in-1 Flex interior comes in gray or camel fabric and can hold up to 60 long guns

  • The USA Series
    This tough, affordable safe is made in the USA for your peace of mind!
    • More fireboard than the competition achieves 30 minutes of fire protection at 1200⁰ F
    • A defensive barrier of six 4” wide military-style locking bars is 6 times stronger in pry tests
    • The stronger 2-piece roll-form CNC body provides an advantage over competitors’ 3-piece bodies
    • The USA series has an external relocker for extra punch protection
    • An integrated Z-bar built into the door increases pry resistance
    • A stylish textured black finish with gray fabric interior

  • The Centurion
    These California-approved firearm safety devices offer trusted protection at economy pricing
    • Offers 30 minutes of fire protection at 1200⁰ F
    • Defensive barrier of 4” wide military-style locking bars
    • Strong 2-piece roll-form CNC body
    • External relocker for extra punch protection
    • Integrated Z-bar built into the door for increased pry resistance
    • Internal hardplate protects from drilling
    • Durable gloss textured black finish with interior gray finish

  • Fort Knox Vaults

  • The Titan Vault
    Fort Knox has partnered their most popular high-end options with the toughest steel for their Titan series. This vault secures your valuables with a heavy 3/16” body and a 10 gauge inner steel lining. Additionally, it includes a 1 ¾” reinforced fire door and their patented five to one rack & pinion multi-gear locking mechanism.

  • The Guardian Vault
    Fort Knox’s Guardian was created to see how many quality features could be packed into a reasonably priced vault. The precision design of the Guardian Vault is unmatched. Its bolt pattern offers protection from prying attacks with up to 20 1.5 inch diameter bolts. It utilizes a 1.75 inch reinforced fire door with a ¼ inch steel plate, two layers of fireboard, and 10 gauge reinforcement.

  • The Protector Vault
    Give your valuables the same protection as Fort Knox’s heavier vaults, but keep within your budget as well. The Protector offers many of Fort Knox’s exclusive security features without sacrificing quality. With exact details and a precise manufacturing process, its reinforced fire door offers a fire rating of 90 minutes at 1680⁰ F.

  • The Defender Vault
    This vault series adds a durable Zolatone finish to the already high-quality Protector Vault for a practical safe built for rough shop environments. The Fort Knox Defenders carry are certified 90-minute fire rating at 1650⁰ F with a 1/4”thick steel door with several high-end security features for superior theft resistance.

  • The Maverick Vault
    The design standards of the Maverick Vault are equivalent to other manufacturers’ higher-end products. The Maverick offers certified fire resistance for 75 minutes at 1200⁰ F. Its 1 ¾” reinforced fire door houses a 3/8” steel plate, 2 layers of fireboard, and 10 gauge steel reinforcement. Compare the details for yourself, and discover the value and security of Maverick Vaults.

  • Vault Room Doors
    When your collection of valuables exceeds the size of standard safes, why not give it its own room? Fort Knox Vault Room Doors are designed to be the best walk-in security for your home. One of our quality vault doors installed in a concrete-walled room makes your own, protective bank vault. Fort Knox Vault Doors have in-swinging or out-swinging options so you can find the best fit for your home’s space.