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    Moscardelli Safe Sales, Delivery, and Installation is the Springfield, IL area’s top authorized Liberty Safe, Fort Knox Safe, and Hollon Vault dealer. Locally owned and operated, our goal is to provide the area with peace of mind from house fires or burglaries. Additionally, we wish to help local gun owners practice responsible gun safety. Our selection of fireproof gun safes is extensive and offers a variety of colors, dimensions, and security levels. No matter what kind of valuables you want to protect, we’ve got the perfect safe for you! Below you can find a few of our more popular models of gun safes, fires safes, and drop safes. When you want to keep your guns and valuables safe, get a safe from Moscardelli!

  • liberty presidential safes springfield il

    If you’re in need of the best of the best, there’s nothing quite like a Liberty Presidential Safe! With 2.5 hours of fire protection, a massive 6” door, and a 7 gauge steel body, this is the pinnacle of home safety.

  • Liberty National Classic

    liberty national classic safes springfield illinois

    Available in beautiful gloss and marble finishes, these gun safes are built tough with a 3/8 inch solid steel plate door, a 90 minute fire rating, and level 28 security. A high-end choice for safety and style!

  • liberty lincoln safes springfield il

    A classy choice for consumers, the Lincoln series has a 90-minute fire rating and a level 26 security rating. Bigger, tougher, and stronger than ever before, the Lincoln Series has been consistently voted as the #1 Rated Safe in America!

  • Liberty Fatboy

    liberty fatboy safes springfield illinois

    Liberty Fatboy Safes are the #1 selling big gun safes in America. One of the largest and toughest security vaults, the Fatboy can hold up to 64 guns, offers a 75 minute fire rating, and a level 23 security rating.

  • Liberty Fatboy Jr.

    liberty fatboy jr springfield illinois

    The Fatboy Jr. is a wide-body safe that can hold up to 48 guns. It offers the same security and fire package as the Colonial but with some unique security features as well. These include multiple locking bolts, a composite door, and a 4-way locking bolts and relocking devices to deter forced entry.

  • Liberty Colonial

    fireproof gun safe springfield il

    Offering 50% more fire protection than other safes at the same price, Liberty’s Colonial safes are built to protect without breaking the bank. These granite gun safes are available in three popular sizes and now come standard with Liberty’s popular economy door panel for more storage options.

  • Fort Knox Legend

    fort knox legend safe springfield illinois

    Offering the ultimate in safety for your valuables, Fort Knox has combined their finest options with the toughest steel for their Legend Vault. Its ¼” steel body, 10 gauge reinforced stainless steel inner liner, and high fire rating provide confidence in the security of your treasures.

  • Hollon Drop Safes

    hollon drop safes springfield il

    With Hollon Drop Safes, you can put a dead stop to theft or shrinkage. These safes allow companies to regain control of their cash with solid steel plates for maximum protection. Hollon Drop Safes are designed for use with armored car services, restaurants, chain stores, convenience stores, and government applications.

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  • Protect Yourself against Burglary, Fire, and Gun Accidents

    Gun ownership can be a large investment and an even larger responsibility. Purchasing a fireproof gun safe for your home is a major step in protecting yourself and your assets from unforeseen circumstances. Your gun collection and other valuables are important to you, and the professionals at Moscardelli Safe Sales, Deliver, and Installation have made it their mission to help you protect them. Our locally owned gun safe store wants you to be able to enjoy your collection and be able to hand them down as heirlooms. To that end, here are a few reasons why we suggest taking a look at our Springfield, IL area showroom and purchasing a reliable, fireproof gun safe.

  • Gun Safety

    Not only is keeping your weapons safe from damage necessary but keeping them from damaging other people or property is, likewise, essential. A secured weapon in a quality safe prevents burglars from finding it and possibly using it for criminal purposes. Additionally, keeping your guns locked away will prevent children or other untrained users from getting a hold of your weapons and accidentally discharging them. Responsible gun owners owe it to themselves, their family, and their community to keep their collections safe. With a quality home gun safe, accidents and burglaries can be completely avoided.

  • Legal Safety

    Many states have laws requiring gun owners to utilize weapon locking devices or safes to keep their guns secure. In order to be compliant with these or any future regulations, you’ll have to choose an option that works for you. While locking devices are a viable choice, many owners opt for gun safes due to them being easier to access in case of emergency. Furthermore, the possibility of running into legal troubles if your weapon is stolen and used improperly is very real. A sturdy, dependable safe is the best safeguard against incurring any legal difficulties during your gun ownership.

  • Insurance

    Acquiring insurance for your weapons in the case of loss can sometimes be challenging. In many cases, these companies may require owners to purchase a safe for their guns in order to get any coverage at all. Sometimes, insurance companies even offer discounts for safe gun storage. Similar to protecting yourself from legal issues, a proper fireproof gun safe can help you avoid any insurance troubles should disaster strike.

  • Other Valuables

    Moscardelli Gun Safes are perfect for protecting all your valuables – not just your guns. From important documents to jewelry and electronics, a special compartment inside many of these versatile gun safes provides space for all sorts of valuables. Most safes offer fire protection and high levels of burglary protection that will give you peace of mind about your belongings. If you’re thinking of some form of asset protection, fireproof gun safes can offer you the best of both worlds.